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Donations to the Elohee Center support a space where people come to retreat from daily life to find solace in nature and like-minded community.  Elohee’s founders have nourished a once bald mountain back to vibrancy for all who come to find peace and healing in nature. Many have said that the view from the top of Bald Mountain or the magical rhythm of the waterfall outside the Thanksgiving House has shifted their life perspective.  Now more than ever, Elohee needs your support to stay operational.  Donations would go to building upkeep and staffing. Help keep Elohee operational and a place for all  to come to retreat, renew, and remember. Donate now.  Any amount will help, and all gifts are received with gratitude.

Elohee is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, experiential learning center.  All donations are tax deductible.


God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the flowers, stirs in the animal, and awakens in man.

Ibn al-‘Arabi, 12th-century Sufi