During Your Stay 

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Please review this page for key information, resources and procedures for your stay with us.

24-Hour Service

Please text 770-316-9195 or call the same number, ext. 2

For medical emergencies, dial 911.

Dining Hall (Located on ground floor of Mandala Hall)

Meal times: Breakfast 8am, Lunch noon, Dinner 6pm.

You are welcome to take your meal out of the dining room, but please return all dishes after each meal.

Stainless steel mugs with lids are available for your stay. Please take only one per person, and return it to the dining room if you’d like to replace it for a clean one.

Water from all faucets on the property is chlorinated well water and is safe to drink. We filter the chlorine out of the water in the Tea House dispenser and the Dining Hall dispensers.


Coffee service begins at 6:45am in the dining hall. A French press and coffee grounds are available there for those who would like coffee outside of breakfast service.

Tea House

This communal space is open 24/7. Hot water and tea are always available. Come and enjoy!

Spa & Gift Shop (Located in the green building across the pond from Mandala Hall)

The Spa & Gift Shop is always open for your browsing but not always staffed. The hours it will be staffed for the purchase of items is posted in the dining hall and in the gift shop. If you would like to make a purchase and Elohee staff is not present, please return during posted hours or text 770-316-9195 to arrange payment. Snacks and sundries may be purchased at any time using an honor-system cash bowl.

The Pond, Fire Ring and Lawn

Enjoy these outdoor spaces! Please do not take the Mexican yoga blankets or blankets from your room outdoors. There is a blue Rubbermaid bin with outdoor blankets in the Mandala Hall closet.

Thanksgiving House and Waterfall

Guests are on retreat at the Thanksgiving House during your stay.  While Elohee grounds are communal, please respect the space of the participants who are retreating at Thanksgiving House and do not enter the house or sit on the patio. You may enjoy the waterfall by using the Hobbit Steps from the Red Trail to follow to the bottom.

Hiking Trails

Please enjoy the 3+ miles of hiking trails. Trail Maps with trail descriptions are located in the dining hall. The Red Trail is a loop.  It is a mile long and can be accessed by following the road in front of the cottages. It will take you by the Thanksgiving House and the 100-foot waterfall. 

Take your cell phone into the woods with you. Elohee’s phone number is on the trail map in case you need to contact us.


According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there are no recorded bear attacks on humans in Georgia. Bears are naturally afraid of humans. It is uncommon to see a bear, but if you do, don’t approach but do enjoy the moment. Then move away slowly in the opposite direction. If you see a mama bear and her cubs take extra care to stay at a distance.


  • Room Temperature – There is one thermostat for your cottage. It is set at a moderate temperature. If you would like the thermostat adjusted, everyone staying in the cottage must agree on a temperature.
  • Help keep costs down and save the environment! Please do not leave windows open when you are not in your room.
  • DO NOT LOCK the entry door to your cottage. Your room key will not open it.
  • Window Shades are “Top Down/Bottom Up” to give you privacy, light and air options. The left cord raises/lowers the shade from the top and the right cord raises/lowers it from the bottom.
  • Toilet is “dual-flush” to conserve water. The green flush lever is for liquid waste and the full flush lever for solid waste. Please throw only toilet paper into the toilet to avoid damage to the septic system.
  • Toiletries in your bath/shower are made in the USA with tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemon oils.  They contain no synthetic fragrances or parabens.
  • Cleaning service in your room is not routinely provided during stays less than a week. A large trash can in the foyer closet can be used to empty the small trash cans from your room.

Check-Out Procedure

Unless otherwise noted, check out is from 12:30-1:30 pm.  Shuttle cars will be available to pick you up before 12:30, please text 770-316-9195 or call the same number ext 2 to arrange a pick-up time.  

Before you leave, please:

  • Return your key to the hook near your door.
  • Return your key to the hook near your door.

Elohee is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, charitable organization. It relies on people like you to help further the mission of providing a retreat environment to support self-discovery, healing and awakening rooted in the transformative power of nature. Following the guidelines is one way you can contribute. Tag us on your social media posts (Facebook & Instagram @eloheeretreat) and tell your friends! Financial donations are always appreciated and can be made through the Elohee.org website.