Elohee Fire Pit
  • 1-Small Private Room/Shared Bath – $1,074.00
  • 1-Single Occupancy/1 King Bed/Private Bath – $1,367.00
  • 1-Single Occupancy/2 Twin Beds/Private Bath – $1,367.00
  • 1-Double Occupancy/1 King Bed/Private Bath (Price is per person) – $1,074.00
  • 1-Double Occupancy/2 Twin Beds/Private Bath (Price is per person) – $1,074.00

Price includes the course fee, room, meals, and grounds fee but does not include taxes. Full price is shown upon selection of room type prior to registering. A 40% deposit is due at the time of registration with full payment due 2 weeks prior to the retreat start date. If you are interested in tent camping, please email us at info@elohee.org for more information. Registration closes 5 days prior to the retreat start date.

Elohee's Registration and Cancellation Policy

Date & Time Details: Check-in begins at 3 p.m. on Thursday, and check-out is at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Location: Elohee Center

Address: 251 Elohee DriveSautee Nacoochee, Georgia 30571

What to Expect: To help deepen your retreat experience, Elohee does not provide televisions or internet access (unless you bring your own hotspot). Cell phone service is excellent for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Your car will be left in a secured parking lot, and you will be shuttled up to your room upon arrival and shuttled back down to your car at departure. Shuttle service to your car is available at any time. All facilities at the top of the mountain are within a 5 minute walk of each other, with some gravel roads. 2 cottage rooms are ADA compliant, and all cottage rooms are on ground level.

Program is fully booked

Expanding Your Intuition: Healing & Growth Through Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

With Tanya Colucci and Kimberly Harper-Colucci

June 23 - 26, 2022

Program is fully booked


  • How to read your Akashic Records
  • A Sacred Cacao Shamanic Healing Ceremony
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healings
  • Meditation & Breathing Practices
  • Guided Mindful Hikes with Waterfalls on a private mountain
  • A Fire Ceremony
  • Healthy Meals onsite
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Shamanic Healing Techniques: Incan Sun Practices, Shamanic Journeying

Thursday, June 23

4:15-5p           Welcome & introduction around reflection pool

5-5:45p            Tuning into Your Akashic Records

6-7p                 Dinner with group

7:15-8:15p      Opening Sound Healing, Meditation & Intention Setting

Friday, June 24

7-8a                  Morning Gentle Meridian Yoga Practice & Inca Sun Practice Activation & Heart Opening Meditation

8-9a                 Breakfast

9:15-10:30a    Stepping into Akashic Record Teaching 2

10:30-12          Talk & Healing on the 7 aspects of Self & how-to live-in harmony with all 7 aspects

12- 1p               Lunch

1-4p                  Privates with Kimberly or Tanya,  Free Time

4-5p                  Awareness Hike – Staying in the Present Moment

6-7p                  Dinner

7:30-8:30p     Healing Fire Ceremony & Shamanic Reiki

Saturday, June 25

8-9a                 Breakfast

9:15-10:15a    Cultivating our Senses Hike

11-12p             How to do Shamanic Journeying

12-1p               Lunch

1-2:30p           Deepening the Connection of the Akashic Records

2:30-4p           Private Reflection Time & Tea

4-6p                 Sacred Cacao Journey with Sound & Energy Healing

6-7p                 Dinner

 Sunday, June 26

7-8a                 Meditation & Breath Practice & Chakra Clearing Sun Practice

8-9a                 Breakfast

9-9:45a           Hiking with Intent

11-12p             Closing Ceremony

12-1p               Lunch

1-2p                 Check-out


The Akashic Records is the “Collective Consciousness of All That Is”. With divine guidance, Kimberly will teach you how to access your own Akashic Records, and why it is so important!

This session accesses your energy field through intuition, which presents your subtle body timeline. This is a blueprint of your experiences past, present, and future. Painful events, doorways, and energetics that are not serving your full expression may be revealed.  Understanding your timeline and how your life events connect with your purpose will help you gain perspective on what shifts need to be made to find ultimate happiness.

During our first session we will learn the basics of what the records are (and aren’t).  We will learn how the energy of the Akashic Records can create healing in our lives, how to identify patterns, behaviors, addictions, and co-dependencies, and how we can create choices to move more freely in life from a point of clarity and guidance.

In session two we will set the stage for our own Akashic practice. This will give you a clear idea of what process to follow, how to open the energy – and how to close the energy once the reading is completed. We will focus on how to interpret the images coming through, the different ways they may come through, and what to do with this information through active journaling.

In session three we will bring our knowledge together and spend time in the records.  We will break into small groups to discuss how the information is flowing and how it may be reflective of our current life situations.


Sacred Cacao Journey with Sound & Energy Healing

Cacao has been used for centuries as a “plant medicine” due to its heart opening qualities and wide-ranging health benefits. When grown consciously, it carries a vibrational quality that opens us up to a higher level of healing.

Through a powerful ceremony. Intention. Chocolate. Guided journey of the heart. Release. Feel. Shift. Love yourself. Gratitude. Increase your vibration with the spirit of cacao & healing sounds. You will drop into your heart space with the intention of healing past hurt and trauma with a Shamanic Clearing.  This ceremony will be a unique, guided meditation, sound healing, energy healing, and hands on body work while using ceremonial grade chocolate as the facilitators aid you in releasing negative energy, past trauma, and emotional blocks, allowing you to open your heart to deeper love, gratitude and joy. You will connect with your inner wisdom and find a greater sense of clarity and purpose.

Ancient Sun Practices:

4 Ancient Inca Sun Practices & Activations

7 aspects of Self & how to live in harmony with all 7 aspects

We are being called to live from our authentic spiritual self in a new way remembering the essence of who we are and our creation tapping into higher levels of consciousness.  Moving into the law of Love, Service & Wisdom awakening the spirit within us to live more in joy in our daily life. Over the course of our retreat we will heal and connect more deeply with our 7 aspects of self. Our Relationship with: Mother Earth, Father Sun, Family, Neighbors, Past, Future, Ourselves

We will weave the ancient Sun Practices and Activations on how to increase the vibration of our energetic bodies daily.


Mindfulness is the process of observing your thoughts, feelings, and impulses to build self-awareness. Studies show that it increases creativity, helps with sleep, and cultivates emotional intelligence. Researchers say that mindfulness activates and strengthens certain parts of the brain, prompting a host of positive psychological effects and generally improving well-being.

Each day, Kimberly will be leading a small group mindfulness hike focusing on being fully present, while being fully inward.  You will be guided through a practice of grounding yourself and and bringing in your awareness before the hike commences.  Once we begin, we will be focusing on using all our senses to draw in the divine creation around us.  We will journey through the mountains, intent fully grounding ourselves into Mother Earth and renewing our own energies through her prescience.  Each of our journeys will include a rest and meditation at a waterfall to pull in the water energy and cool off in the summer heat.


Tanya Colucci
Tanya Colucci, MS, LMT is an Expert Shaman, Ordained Minister, Author, and Speaker. She is the owner of Sacred Soul Guidance and Tanya Colucci Myofascial Release Therapy. Her powerful Sacred Soul Coaching and Healing methods use an extraordinary combination of…
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Kimberly Harper-Colucci
Wellness Chef  Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Certified Akashic Record Practitioner As a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, Kimberly specializes in modern food with an emphasis on local, lighter, plant-based fare. Her passion has always revolved around…
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