• 1-Small Private Room/Shared Bath – $647.00
  • 1-Single Occupancy/1 King Bed/Private Bath – $849.00
  • 1-Single Occupancy/2 Twin Beds/Private Bath – $849.00
  • 1-Double Occupancy/1 King Bed/Private Bath (Price is per person) – $647.00
  • 1-Double Occupancy/2 Twin Beds/Private Bath (Price is per person) – $647.00

Price includes the course fee, room, meals, and grounds fee but does not include taxes. Full price is shown upon selection of room type prior to registering. A 40% deposit is due at the time of registration with full payment due 1 week prior to the retreat start date. If you are interested in tent camping, please email us at info@elohee.org for more information.

Date & Time Details: Check-in begins at 3 p.m. on Friday, and check-out is at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Location: Elohee Center

Address: 251 Elohee DriveSautee Nacoochee, Georgia 30571

What to Expect: To help deepen your retreat experience, Elohee does not provide televisions or internet access (unless you bring your own hotspot). Cell phone service is excellent for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Your car will be left in a secured parking lot, and you will be shuttled up to your room upon arrival and shuttled back down to your car at departure. Shuttle service to your car is available at any time. All facilities at the top of the mountain are within a 5 minute walk of each other, with some gravel roads. 2 cottage rooms are ADA compliant, and all cottage rooms are on ground level.

Email us about program

Energy Medicine for Christians

With Kandy Duke

July 15 - 17, 2022

Energy Medicine for Christians

REPAIR body & soul  … RETHINK self-care … REJOICE in God’s love

What needs repair in your life these days? There is a good chance this weekend may lead you on the right path to the perfect tools for inner healing – and for the strength and courage to take them up.

This program will help you rethink self-care and give you tools that are simple but effective in achieving spiritual, physical and emotional health. You will learn to move stuck or congested energy in your body that causes physical and emotional pain.

The exercises included in this weekend retreat will help you focus better and become more joyful. The difference between this work and regular Energy Medicine techniques is that we infuse scripture into every aspect of the exercises thereby, rejoicing in God’s love throughout the movements.

John 15:7 reminds us to let His words REMAIN in us. If we never get the WORDS in us, they can’t remain. So, we have designed this program to help you learn scripture easily, which will ultimately bring His message into your body where it will REMAIN. This work will also help you to be a “doer of the word,” not just a “hearer of the word.” (James 1:22)

If you want to learn an easy, yet powerful self-care technique AND get the Holy Word of God ALIVE and ACTIVE in you, then join us for this retreat. Listen to what your body and soul is asking for.

PRICE INCLUDES manual with pictures and scriptures that reinforce the Energy Medicine exercise instructions.

Online participants of this work described it as “helpful, expansive, and empowering. One woman wrote “I have been giving thanks to God for you all week. When I study your material I am overwhelmed with the obedience and love required to produce such thorough and prolific work! Thank you, thank you for sharing with us these amazing treasures due to your openness to God’s Voice, Your Love for Him, yourself and His people! I have been very blessed by your work and look forward to receiving more.”









Schedule (Times and Schedule May Vary Slightly)

Friday, July 15th

3 PM – Arrival, Check-in

3:45 PM – What is Energy Medicine? Energy Assessment and Energy Circle

  • Our Energy Source
  • Understanding the Science
  • Getting into God’s Presence
  • Connecting with God

6 to 7 PM – Dinner

7:30 – Brazilian Toe Technique

Saturday, July 16th

6:15 AM – Sunrise Energy Medicine (outside weather permitting)

  • 12 Meridian Trace
  • Wakeup Sleeper Exercises

8 to 9 AM – Breakfast

9:15 AM – Forest Energy Walk

10:30 AM – Biofield, The Flows, Calm and Release

  • Weaving the Biofield
  • Penetrating Flow and Belt Flow
  • Gate Clearing
  • God Points
  • Crown Pull

12 to 1 PM  – Lunch

1 PM – Free Time

4:30 PM – Calm and Release

Five Seasons Balancing

6 to 7 PM – Dinner

7:30 – Balancing the Energy Centers

Sunday, July 17th

6:30 AM Energy Medicine Yoga

8 to 9 AM – Breakfast

9:30 AM – Calm and Release

  • Neurovascular Holds with Essential Oils
  • Unscrambling
  • Closing

12 to 1 PM  – Lunch

1PM – Departure



Kandy Duke
Kandy began her exploration with “energy medicine” almost 20 years ago when she took a very skeptical look at a complementary healing modality called Healing Touch. After receiving a “Healing Touch” session she felt like she had physically lost 10…
Learn more about Kandy Duke