Stephanie Clement

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Stephanie is a mama, speaker, and a certified meditation and yoga teacher who specializes in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for individuals, groups, corporate settings and retreats. Known for her engaging and authentic teaching, she has guided thousands of people through
mindfulness, meditation, and yoga over her 15 years of experience in the field.

Her passion for teaching arises from her experience that the key to a sense of wholeness and fulfillment depends not on the external circumstances of our lives, but on the state of our mind and the quality of our consciousness – “In the Stillness”. Her mission is to bring a sense of connection and lasting well-being to others through teaching in ways that are practical, engaging and insightful. She has a true passion for what she offers this world. She is committed to the journey- learning, and developing her experience, insight and wisdom of the practices of meditation, yoga and the holistic healing arts. Stephanie is also a Reiki Master and Somatic Therapist.

Events with Stephanie Clement

*Sold Out* Returning to You: Remember. Embrace. Attend. Love.
September 8 - 10, 2023

Returning- “Listen, Listen. Back to my heart, back to my heart”. Autumn is a time to turn inward. It’s a time of letting go of the busy external activity. It’s a calling to Return more fully back to you. It’s…