Kimberly Thompson


Kimberly is the Founder and leader of White Flag Recovery Yoga and Retreats in Charleston, SC. She is a Certified RYT300 Trauma informed Yoga teacher and Y12SR, The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery leader and Spaceholder. She leads weekly Y12SR meetings in her hometown of Charleston SC. Kimberly also leads workshops and speaks at Wellness Festivals and Recovery events. She’s been an active seeker since age 10.  A self professed “lifelong learner.” Kimberly is in long term recovery.  She believes that addiction just wants to live, and it does not really care how it manifests itself.

It was not until she began her own deep trauma work that she discovered the depth of resistance, stored trauma, and dissonance held in the body. Until the deregulation in the nervous system is addressed and moved, the likelihood of staying stuck in the frequency of addiction is probable.

Through a yoga (moving meditation) practice paired with the cognitive approach of the 12 steps, she has built a sustainable and long term platform for recovery. It is this practice and passion that she loves to share with others through her individual and group yoga sessions, classes, workshops, retreats and events. Above all, she loves to share this HOLISTIC approach to recovery with others.

Kimberly’s greatest teachers are her two children Mazzie and Lux, whom she refers to as her Magnum Opus!