Vivienne Pierre

Vivienne Pierre - Kathy Shaul

DPT, founder Uturn Systems Solutions LLC, Cozy MH Group LLC, You Unleashed: Master Coach NLP, Timeline Therapy®, Hypnotherapy

Vivienne is a high energy and charismatic entrepreneur living in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago she brings her Caribbean flare with her. A Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2003, Vivienne has worked in all areas of rehabilitation and occupational medicine arenas. A former national volleyball player and coach, Vivienne is also a beacon to her community as a standout athlete in a number of sports including swimming and soccer. 

As a real estate investor and business owner, Vivienne empowers hard working families and individuals finding themselves in financial distress to navigate the banking system and find a place to call home.

Having coached and worked with thousands of individuals over the last 14 years, one of the most important things Vivienne has learned is that finding real clarity of purpose in life exists only after you release the shackles of the word “should.” Vivienne helps empower individuals to find the courage and clarity to take their next right step and necessary actions to live a life they want and deserve.

Vivienne is excited and passionate to empower and inspire other women to find their inner strength and live their truth cause we all friggin’ deserve it!