Aliyah Kamala

Aliyah Frazier

Aliyah Kamala is a celebrated Business Strategist, Transformational Life Coach, Wellness Expert and founder of Ready Set Glow Up, a movement dedicated to empowering women through wellness & wealth. Through her masterclasses & workshops, Aliyah offers training on the power of manifestation, affirmations, journaling & energy healing.

With over 20 years experience in wellness and coaching is bridging the gap between wellness, wealth, and cultivating a community of sisterhood. You can catch her teaching meditation, yoga & dance both virtually & or in person in spaces across the globe. In 2017 she began offering transformational wellness retreats for women that highlight radical self-care & renewal.

Aliyah is the author of “Life Is a Gift: How to Use Affirmations to Transform Your Life” and most recently published the “Ready Set Glow Journal: 90 Days to a Healthier Happier You.” She lives in Atlanta, GA.