Lisa Jacobson, LPC

DSC 5069 Lisa Jacobson

Lisa Jacobson earned a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development and a Master’s degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. She has over 20 years’ experience teaching Yoga, counseling individuals and families, and guiding people into a deeper awareness of self. Lisa has been studying Human Design, the spiritual science of differentiation since 2020. She is passionate about helping people live more consciously and authentically, instead of old, patterned survivalist roles. This will be Lisa’s 4 th time hosting a retreat at Elohee.

Events with Lisa Jacobson, LPC

Embodying your Design- Human Design and Yoga
June 14 - 16, 2024

We all have our own way of BEING and when you align with your authenticity and what lights you up, you live a life full of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment. Hi! I’m Lisa, a 1/4 Splenic Projector. I created this…