Jen Buege

Jen Buege

Jen Buege, MBA is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner who trained with Danielle Hall at the SoundEmbrace Institute. Through group and private sound healing sessions, Jen guides clients through various healing journeys including minimizing stress, anxiety, and depression, support through serious physical conditions, and spiritual journeys. Using the healing power of sound, optionally paired with coaching, Jen helps her clients prioritize their wellbeing, be more present, and improve how they interact with the world around them.  

Jen’s goal is to help her clients heal in the same way that sound healing helped her. For many years, she battled anxiety and depression, believing the only way she could maintain “normal” was to be medicated. She knew her normal was not well, but it was far better than she felt without medications.   

Everything changed after some friends introduced her to sound healing. She discovered a side of herself she didn’t know existed – she found the space to breathe, to be content, and to feel safe in her own skin. Without medications.  

This healing journey inspired Jen to become a sound healing practitioner and to create Earthean Sound, with the goal of helping others in their personal healing journeys.