Ruby Shiva Dasi Jordan

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Shiva Dasi obtained her 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Certification from
Kashi Atlanta Ashram in 2014, and is currently pursuing her 300 hour Certification for
Kali Natha Yoga. She has been practicing yoga since 1999. While taking the teacher
training for her own personal life guidance, she fell in love with teaching. Through
teaching she found that she is more committed to her own practice and devotion. Living
by the philosophy that one must be the change they wish to see in the world and it all
starts with her own soul and her own actions. As a long time member of Kashi, she
strives to live the conscious life of a yogi in today’s world and you will often find her
volunteering behind the front desk of Kashi. She continues to serve her community by
volunteering to teach yoga at the Detention Center for Juvenile Justice to young girls.
In 2015, she received her CrossFit Level 1 certification and began coaching functional
fitness group classes. She found that the combination of Strength Training and Yoga
are an amazing combination for maximizing your personal health.

Ruby Shiva Dasi’s yoga classes today combine these two loves bringing you to an
experience of alignment based, functional movement adapted yoga class. Helping each
student find their highest potential for their body with a heavy emphasis on self-
exploration and self-expression through healthy, safe and intelligent movement. You
not only learn about your body, but also about yourself in her fun and highly creative
classes. She has a passion for sequencing on multiple levels (body, mind, energy) and
teaching others how to lead. Taking a class with Shiva Dasi covers all palates for the
yoga lovers!

Ruby Shiva Dasi is a photographer and has her own company, Sol Photo. So when
she’s not teaching yoga, you can find her creating beautiful photography. She also
holds a full time position at NeuroLIFE Institute as Office Manager of a Functional
Neurology Clinic. As the most important job she holds, is her two sons, Landon and
Maxwell. Together we all make living and growing together worthwhile and much more