Carolyn Petramale

Carolyn Bio Photo Alison Gurevich

Movement and fitness have always been a part of Carolyn's DNA. She began teaching Group Fitness in New York (can’t take the New York out of the girl) in 1988. In 1990 she moved to Atlanta and continued teaching Group Fitness and Cycle. She also started her own Personal Training business training clients until the birth of her second child in 2001. With an infant and toddler and a mind that wouldn’t quit, she was looking for some inner peace. Carolyn began practicing yoga. She found yoga could quiet her mind and bring some balance to her life.

After two years of personal practice, Carolyn began teaching yoga. Formal yoga training began about the same time. She first earned a 200-hour certification in Baptiste Power Yoga. This was followed with a 200-hour certification in Ashtanga. While learning much from the trainings, she knew there was more. There was a piece of her puzzle she hadn’t yet discovered. In 2013 Carolyn was introduced to Universal Yoga. Boom! She found the missing piece of her puzzle. Practicing Universal Yoga lead to 200-hour certification with Dorje Yoga, which lead to 500-hour certification with Universal Yoga founder and Master Teacher, Andrey Lappa. Carolyn’s practices jumped to a whole new level, physical and spiritual. She has traveled to Nepal to train with her teacher and immerse herself in her practice and the culture.

Carolyn has always been passionate about teaching, “I teach because I want to learn, and I want to remember I am forever a student.” She continues to study and deepen her knowledge and share with her students. Carolyn brings her energy, enthusiasm and humor to each class and asks that you bring yours. Her classes will challenge you, move your energy, and bring balance, strength and flexibility to your Physical, Subtle and Causal body. Come and experience the Post Effect of your practice. A willing spirit and open mind are all that is required to begin the transformation.