Laurie Teixeira, LCSW

L. Teixeira Monica Williams

Laurie Teixeira is a Licensed Therapist, specializing in trauma, a Transformation Coach and Author who values empowering individuals to turn their trauma into their success story. She brings over 30 years of clinical experience and training, as a Transformation Coach, she possesses the ability to partner with individuals on their journey to achieve wholeness and live an empowered life.

She assists Female Spiritual Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in further developing their passion and purpose in serving others and being financially abundant to increase their service and impact in the world.

Laurie’s down to earth style and strong intuitiveness helps individuals, transform their mindset while tapping into their unique skills and harness more passion and purpose in their life.

In her private practice, she continues to help individuals work through complex trauma on their journey to wholeness and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Through her work, she strives to empower individuals to fulfill their life’s purpose by clearing old negative patterns that no longer serve them and open the space for stepping into and loving the person you are spiritually called to be in this lifetime.