Iyabo Ifafunmilola Faluade

Iya Ifafunmilola Faluade is a Priestess of Ifa, the mother of her temple, Ifatorise Temple International Inc. and the Senior Instructor of YogaSkills Atlanta, LLC., Kemetic Yoga Studio.  Iya has created a sacred space of healing where people of walks of life may retreat to receive beneficial African Healing practices, such as Vaginal Steaming, spiritual baths, Kemetic Yoga, an Ancient African system derived from one of the first civilizations.  Iya offers complete services as a certified health coach, CYKT, herbalist and much more.

Events with Iyabo Ifafunmilola Faluade

Elohee Fire Pit Reclaiming Our Truth
December 9 - 11, 2022

Reclaiming Our Truth A retreat for women of color designed to inspire reconnection with one’s authentic self and to ignite one’s passion for life. Reclaiming Our Truth is a weekend retreat of curated experiences designed to assist women of color…