Dr. Nicole Ware Spencer

Dr. Nicole Ware Spencer is the owner of Asili Wellness, where she works with Women of Color in naturally nurturing their minds, body, and spirit. She created a health + wellness space where multicultural women feel safe, heard, and understood. Through Yoga, Yoga + Talk Therapy, and Couples Therapy, Dr. Nicole offers a unique approach to walking alongside multicultural women in creating their happiness and enhancing their ability to naturally promote health, prevent disease, encourage self-care, and foster healing in their own lives. Find her at www.asiliwellness.com.

Events with Dr. Nicole Ware Spencer

Elohee Waterfall *Sold Out* Nourish + Nurture Retreat for Women of Color
April 14 - 16, 2023

This all-inclusive health + wellness retreat is for multicultural women new to living holistically and those with consistent wellness practices and a holistic lifestyle. Our retreat offers an oasis where we celebrate our sisterhood, engage in self-care, and deepen our…