Jax Burbage

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Jax Burbage is the Founder of The InBody Journey, she offers awareness for one’s transformation through mindfulness and movement practices. As an embodiment mentor and guide, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Therapist her intention is to introduce the healing benefits of these practices to curious beings or to further support the deeper connection one may have with themselves currently. Although she loves to teach group + public classes she is most passionate about her one-on-one programs that are uniquely designed to fit YOU and where you are in life! Jax’s guidance will encourage you to discover what’s needed or what’s not supportive for the life you dream of and deserve. Options that can be included in this individualized approach include (but are not limited to) personalized yoga instruction, yoga therapy, guided meditation, meditation instruction, breath awareness, mindfulness training, philosophy discussions, and guided somatic practices. Jax truly believes that these simple and profound tools with consistent practice and over a length of time will create a significant shift in the psyche and soul.