Alexa Shackelford


Alexa Shackelford is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator based in Atlanta, Georgia. Conscious Circular Breathwork has given her many years of comfort and healing in its excavation of her trauma, negative subconscious belief patterns and childhood wounding. Alexa is passionate about providing space for others to find clarity, to be in their own energy and out of the energetic field of others. Breathwork nourishes your connection with self so you can have deeper, healthier relationships from a place of presence and authenticity. Alexa’s intention is to pay it forward to provide a sacred container of conscious breath, evocative music and vibrational sound to heal unresolved emotional trauma and to bring you back to YOU.

Events with Alexa Shackelford

Ignite Your Authentic Self: A Primal Breathwork & Sound Retreat
March 31 - April 2, 2023

Ignite your authentic self. Return to the divine knowing of your innermost intuition and illuminate your path of alignment. Join Alexa Shackelford of Breathing Back to You and Alex Ballew of Secret River Sounds as they guide you through an…