Michelle Lumpkins, RYT- 200, R-YFMT 500


Through the love of the Lord and the mode of yoga, I have overcome some tough times in my life. All I could do is share with everyone what helped me maintain my peace and joy. Then it dawned on me, this is something that should be shared with everyone! I started teaching everyone I could the healing and restorative power I received from Christian inspired yoga practice.  I then trained to become a 200-hr. yoga instructor and then to expand and become 500-hours certified and level 1 yoga therapy trained. Since 2015, I have helped sisters and brothers, take a few moments to be still, be loved, and restore peace of mind and body.

Love and Light

Events with Michelle Lumpkins, RYT- 200, R-YFMT 500

Invitation to Remove your Cape: Self-Care for the Black Superwoman
October 27 - 29, 2023

We are so used to doing everything for everyone else.  Take these few days to remove your superwoman cape and renew, restore, and relax in the beautiful N. Georgia mountains!  This is the season of restoration and relaxation as we…