Brandy Redd

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Brandy began her yoga practice in 2003 when searching for a way to connect with the physical body and get a good exercise. Quickly she discovered that Yoga not only improves the mobility and connection to the physical body, but also has extraordinary benefits for her mental and spiritual well-being. Turning inward and finding a relationship with herself; highest, ego and shadow included, has allowed her to heal and transform her life for the better. She has overcome issues with body image, worthiness and self love and hopes to help others do the same, so they too can live happier and healthier lives. She began to hold space for others to explore the healing practice of yoga; connecting mind, body and spirit in 2019 online and in studios in California. She currently resides in Georgia where she teaches at the Piedmont Wellness Center, Sweet Tea Yoga Studio and online through Extraordinary Existence. She seeks to cultivate the inner fire of transformation in every person she works with and happily shares her knowledge of all the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork.

Events with Brandy Redd

Unleash Your Inner Goddess
November 9 - 12, 2023

Brandy Redd and Victoria Antonelli create an intimate weekend where soulful women of all ages can connect with themselves and each other. Participants will cultivate and harness their unique power through yoga, breathwork, cacao ceremony, and other healing modalities. With…