MJ Impastato

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MJ Impastato is a professional leadership and life coach, speaker and Mojo expert. With her mission to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and be confident in being themselves, MJ creates experiential retreats that foster a safe and welcoming environment. Her warmth and deep intuition help people heal, accept themselves, and ultimately live happier lives.

Through her work, MJ has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations to restore their true selves and move from surviving to thriving. Her approach is holistic, empowering, and compassionate, and she creates a fine balance of challenge and support.

MJ’s expertise and gifts have been praised by clients and industry professionals alike. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a certified Yoga of Recovery counselor, an Akashic Records Master Healer, and has trained with the Center for Mind Body Medicine. Her ability to understand the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations and hold a team together has been praised by project operations directors and CEOs.

MJ’s sessions have been described as complete magic, a gift, and even life-changing. Clients have experienced emotional releases, gained profound insights, and felt the impact of MJ’s work weeks and even months later. Her sessions provide clarity, insight, and healing, and she is gifted in helping clients connect to their inner wisdom.

With her intuition, insights, and ability to see into one’s soul, MJ is a true gift for those seeking clarity, guidance, and growth. Her impact has been felt across a range of sectors and industries, and her clients have experienced profound positive change in their personal and professional lives.