Elohee Trail System

The Paths of Landsong


The Red Loop Trail connects Bald Mountain with the Thanksgiving House and the other trails.  It passes the fern forest along the stream to the upper waterfall. From the late Spring through Fall, fern covers the floor of the Fern Forest portion. Rises and falls along the creekside trails are reminders of the gold mining period of the land’s history.  Stop for quiet reflection on the meditation rocks as you make your way around the forest slopes.

The Green Trail passes by the Grand Hemlock and allows for deeper access to the heart of Elohee. It meanders along the forest floor, through a natural spring and across brooks that feed the stream leading to the waterfall, Beak Creek and eventually the Chattahoochee River. Abundant ground cedar graces the forest floor surrounding portions of this trail.

The Yellow Trail has three sections. The upper meets the Green Trail above the waterfall.  The lower descends to the pool at the base of the waterfall and follows the rock steps up to the Thanksgiving House, joining the Red Trail at the top of the Hobbit steps.  The loops encircle a delightful bowl of the mountainside.

The Orange Trail follows the creek from the waterfall pool through boulder outcroppings and across bridges into the beech forest.  Hike from the waterfall and back again, alternating the upper and lower portions.  Past the Heart Camp the trail rises up from the valley to meet the Yellow Loop, making it a steep climb. Venture up to this section when you are ready for a workout.

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