Spa & Gift Shoppe

Bliss & Browse


Elohee’s Spa and Gift Shoppe is nestled in a corner of the mountain beyond the Pond. It is in easy walking distance from all spaces.

The Spa space invites you to treat yourself to a massage or Reiki session during your retreat. We refer to these treatments as “dessert” at Elohee– an indulgence that can satisfy the soul.  Our therapists begin your session by learning about you and your treatment intentions.  Once their work begins, it aims to send you into a relaxation and renewal of your body, mind, and spirit.  All spa appointments must be made in advance and are 60 or 90 minutes in length.

To request a spa treatment during your retreat, please fill out Elohee’s Massage and Reiki Request Form.

*The Spa has 3 massage rooms available along with a secluded lounge area.

The Gift Shoppe is located in the same cottage as the spa.  All items are carefully selected with love, and the majority of the items were created by local artisans each with their own unique touch. Items available include pottery, jewelry, hand-made cards, beeswax lamps, green cleaning products, clothing, and many more.

Elohee also stocks snacks on an honor system for participants to enjoy 24-hours a day. To truly appreciate Elohee’s Gift Shoppe offerings, you must take a stroll over and spend some time browsing!

*The Spa and Gift Shoppe are open only to Elohee retreat participants during scheduled retreats.