The Fire Ring

Gather Under the Stars


As the first structure built on a hilltop previously stripped and covered with scrub pine saplings, the fire ring sits at the highest and center point of Bald Mountain. In the evenings, when alive with flames, the fire ring becomes a beacon for community gathering.  Drumming, storytelling, ceremony, celebration, or just quiet fire watching, and camaraderie interact with the blazing warmth to transform the evening air and night sky into a magical, spiritual space.

Fire represents many things to many people: illumination and enlightenment, purification and transformation, power and creativity, destruction and renewal, warmth and beauty. Before Elohee’s conception, the family whose vision created it sat on the hilltop, huddled around a small, scrub pine fire, and felt the creative power that brought them, after a long, difficult journey to a place of gratitude and healing. This gratitude grew and flourished on the fertile land. The fire ring stands as a tribute to their transformation from a place of trauma and fear to one of strength and joy. It was from this that Elohee was conceived and born.