The Reflection Pond

Moving Looking Glass


The Relection Pond is a man-made, self-contained, self-cleaning ecosystem providing a chemical-free pond and water garden. The Pond harnesses Nature’s own processes to produce clean, clear water. A shallow beach, aquatic plants and rocks act as natural filters removing contaminants and helps to prevent algae.  In addition, rocks seeded with friendly bacteria biologically cleanse the water. A small waterfall adds valuable aeration. Natural predators and moving water make the Pond practically mosquito free.  Pumps circulate the water through the regeneration zone and back into the Pond.

Our pond was built by Mick Hilleary of Kansas-based Total Habitat, the nation’s leader in the construction of ponds.

They listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha