In our Garden of Life
We plant the Sacred Seeds of our Souls
We Women are the Earth Vessel, the One Circle, 
The Womb-bowl

Deep in the Earth, we drive our “loss-found”
And with every Precious New Day, 
We rise up in Heartfelt dimension

The Fruits of Our Labor will Forever nourish
All who will come

Life’s sweetness to Savor
With Grace, Love and Gratitude
Our Gift of Each Other TOGETHER, 
Has always just begun


– Karen Fleischmann, Women’s Circle HeArt and Soul Weekend July 2011

On March 22nd my Women’s Circle from Atlanta celebrated Spring Equinox here at Landsong (where Elohee is born).  We’ve been celebrating the solstice’s and equinox’s together for a few years now and I cherish these gatherings.  It was a glorious day.

We began the day at the fire pit atop Bald Mountain where we meditated, read poetry and gave space to honor and grieve the angels in our circle we’ve lost past and present.  It’s been three now, and for a group of women of only 10, it leaves a big impact.

Our hike to Grand Lady Hemlock was in silence as we reflected on the changing seasons, both literally and figuratively.  There is something so special about that hike–leaving the open-ness of Bald, you enter into the tree covered forest and walk along the path that connects our two mountains.  The mists are comforting.   As the path meanders, the forest presents itself with crow-foot club moss and the holly trees.  So much wonder and awe there is in nature, eh?

Our grand hemlock tree is the heart center of the property and allows for such a deep connection with the earth and the heavens.  (or so I feel).  Meditation, connection, honor and love are what  happen there.  And there are talk of fairies… We left a mosaic we collectively made last spring equinox after we smashed glass to release past hurts.

Breaking bread, enjoying conversation and commeraderie are so well supported back in the cabin.  Lunch was a delicious feast.

Our afternoon supported the sacred check-in, something I’ve so sorely missed since my move out of Atlanta.  Giving space and honor and support for each of us to speak our truths and to be heard with love and compassion is a gift, to us and to the world.  I do believe that.

We ended the day with a soul-invigorating-soothing-moving-inspiring-honoring-loving dance.  An hour of movement, connection and expression is enough to put anyone on cloud nine.

The day left me feeling such reverence for this place.  Landsong. Elohee. And all the people that have made it be what it is today.  It also leaves me feeling so excited about what is to come.  The world is our oyster!  Let’s keep on making memories, meaning, connection and intention.  For what else is it to be human?

Who wants to help be a part of what we can create here at Elohee?  Because I want to fill it with days like this day.