The winter solstice is almost upon us. The winter solstice is the celebration of the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Due to less light and warmth and more darkness and cold, winter becomes a time of less activity and more self-reflection – a hibernation or a retreat inward.  Winter is associated with yin energy – dark, receptive, feminine.  This opposes the yang energy of the spring and summer which is considered, light, active, and masculine.  Winter is considered a gestation period and, depending on the tradition, linked to the element of earth or water.  It is a period of letting go what no longer serves us to birth the new. Winter is also tied to the north direction. It can be considered a time to find your true north or your internal compass which determines your most deeply held beliefs and values – your fixed point in an ever spinning and changing world.  It is a time of contemplation in which seeds are planted for growth and new ways, new habits, new rituals, and new directions. During this time, we start a new year and make resolutions for change and growth and we merge into the spring season. The spring season is symbolic of birth and linked to the east direction.  Just as the sun rises in the east to begin a new day, we may merge into the spring and the dawning of our new orbits.  Depending on the seeds you plant this winter, Elohee offers numerous retreats to assist in helping to water those seeds.