How many people make New Year’s resolutions that last a couple days or a week? I have been in that group. I start out with high expectations and then they come crashing down around me in a few days or a few weeks later once I give in to old habits or give up on change.  My resolutions are things that would contribute to my health, well-being, and happiness yet my resolve falters easily early on.


I settle in for my first Yin Yoga practice of the new year.  Yin is a slow-placed practice with poses done on the floor and held between 5 and 8 minutes. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue or the facia. It is more meditative than the vinyasa or yang practices. I love yin. It allows me time to fully feel my body – its borders and edges. It allows me to observe my mind and make space for feelings and move beyond boundaries.  I have Wah! playing in the background, light a couple candles and settle in.

Towards the end of the practice it comes to me. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Angry with myself for skipping a yoga class or eating a piece of cake I rage against the resolution itself and give-up. I beat myself up for not being perfect.  Forgiveness would allow me to start again, to begin again, to actually be human.  Grateful for the peace and insight, I make my resolution for 2019 – self-love and forgiveness.

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