Solstice.  The sun stationary – in stillness. The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. On this day we honor our light bearer –the star our planet revolves around.  When in stillness and exposed to something for a long period, we can begin to understand it. We can reflect on it. On this longest day of the year, my thoughts turn to what I am most passionate about, what ignites my energies and fuels my inner fire.  What is it that continually attracts my attention and draws me toward it? Reflecting back on my life, I notice a theme emerge – an idea that I was always interested in, an idea I always managed to entwine in my studies, an idea that peaked my interest in conversations.  This motif has defined my creative life. It was an attraction to an idea that pulled me like gravity. While this theme always ran in the background of my life, at times I did not make it my intention or my priority. When it was not my focus, I now realize that these were the times I felt lost, confused, hopeless– like I was spinning out of orbit or out of alignment.  When I did find my way back to this passion, life seemed easier and more joyful. When in alignment, I was able to surrender—allow life to naturally and easily revolve around its path. On the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in 2019, my hope for you is that you find what fuels your inner fire, what makes you burn bright. I hope you find your sun –the path in life that will keep you in orbit.