I loved Halloween when I was younger.  Dressing up as my favorite superhero, fairy tale princess, or whomever I wanted to be for the day was so exciting.  I would also get lots of candy for dressing up.  What an extraordinary day Halloween was.  Wearing a costume and a mask was fun.  It allowed me to become someone I was not – to take on the characteristics of a superhero or a princess.  The adult me finds the concept of wearing masks complicated.  Do I put on masks or take on different personas when  I deal with different people – parents as opposed to friends, friends as opposed to colleagues, and colleagues as opposed to employers?  Do I conceal my true identity with these masks, or am I becoming who I want to be when acting?  Is there something I am seeking to become that lies in these different personas?  Perhaps they all are me and I simply relate to people differently when in different contexts.  I know for certain that I sometimes put on masks when I am trying to hide my feelings.  Perhaps the answer I seek is simply in the acknowledgement of my awareness.