Sandy Beauford Muhammad

Sandy Beuford Muhammad

Sandy Beauford Muhammad is the founder and owner of Soul Wisdom Intl, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a herbalist, certified National Dianetics Auditor, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness (Bars) Trainer, Public Speaker, Business Coach, Mentor and Builder of the Human Spirit.

“I am a Native of Atlanta, although I have lived in New York, Rhode Island, Chicago, Florida and presently back in Atlanta. I am the proud wife of Timothy and mother of 6 children; two of whom I birth. My career as a court reporter prepared me to be a Master Listener, and through this sacred art I have built a foundation of holistic services designed to help get you to your Truth; not what you have been made to believe about who you are, but truly Get to Know “Who you are.”

I come from parents strongly rooted in faith, which has given me the courage to go out and achieve what I will for myself. Anything you put your mind to, by the grace of the All Knowing One, You can achieve it.

My Retreats are filled with Fun and Excitement, as well as healing and transformation. All who have come to walk with us say “I had the most relaxing, reflective and transformative experience at a Retreat!”