Lilia Sofia

Lilia Sofia BioPic Adriana Guaderrama

Lilia Sofia is a graduate of RYT 200 of Blue Lotus Yoga, now LIFT Yoga + Body.  She is from Mexico City and has been living in Atlanta with her family for over 25 years.

Lilia started on her Yoga journey 20 years ago. More than anything, Lilia found that the Yogic philosophy was just as important as the Yogic practice. Through time, she realized that staying present, mindful, and breathing through hardships of life were extremely important.

Although these lessons presented themselves throughout the years, quarantine allowed Lilia to take a step back from the outside world, and a step forwards into her internal world. Instead of acting on what the world had taught her, Lilia decided to look within and find her calling. 

At 50 years old, she took a leap of faith and started to craft a career around her healing journey. Her mission was to help people achieve their goals and aspirations, just as she achieved hers. She looks to help others heal as she heals herself.

Her callings led her to become a Reiki Master, a certified Health and Wellness coach (from a program she took at Emory University), and a graduating Yoga instructor of Blue Lotus Yoga, now “LIFT Yoga  + Body”. She has also worked to receive a certification in Bioenergetic Training and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, also known as MBSR. 

This year  Lilia Sofia obtained a certification from “Instituto Habitos” in Monterrey, Mexico for “Coaching in Changing Habits”.

This all led to the birth of Harmony and Wellness, LLC. With the mission to help customers shift their perspectives to achieve their goals in health and wellness.

In 2023 she co-hosted local workshops and day retreats for Yoga and Meditation in Milton Georgia.