We are excited to announce Elohee’s newest creation: The Hoop House. Since the birth of Elohee we’ve held a vision of a vibrant garden where we can grow our own produce to serve to all the amazing participants. In this vision we saw crisp greens of spinach, arugula, and kale. We saw fiery red tomatoes, and plump, juicy cucumbers. In this vision our guests eat fresh food that travels less than a mile from soil to plate and touches only the hands of our loving employees.

At Elohee our mission is to be a home, rooted in nature, for deepening human awareness, facilitating the healing of mind and body, and transforming individuals and society. Food plays a vital role in this mission. For us food is more than sustenance, food is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Food has the power to connect us to the earth, to ourselves, and to each other. With this we bring you the hoop house!

Hoop House in Action rotated

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. While this project is coming to life quickly thanks to the physical labor of Elohee’s co-founder Michael Cook and chef Craig King, it will not be without lots of digging in the dirt –20 tons to be exact. So far, we have built an 800 square foot rectangular raised bed which was filled in with 40,000 pounds of dirt, That is about a foot deep. Next, we installed hoops and rapped it all in a thin layer of clear plastic to protect the produce from severe weather and unwanted critters. We planted the first seeds and are now seeing the first sprouts. Michael just installed a solar-powered irrigation pump that will water all the plants with the mountain stream running through the property. We plan to grow greens, tomatoes, carrots, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, and much more!

Hoop House Founders

The timing of this garden could not be better.  It will be in full harvest just in time for our first summer True Nature Immersion: Self Expression. At this immersion participants will not only have the pleasure of eating fresh, Elohee-grown produce, but we also plan to give a tour of the Hoop House. At Elohee, we feel that nature is one of our greatest teachers, and in summer she shows us her fullest expression; this garden will be a great example of that.

Hoop House no Plastic

Farming is a whole new world for us, so as with most new projects, there will likely be a learning curve, but we are committed to bring life to sustainably sourced, organic, and local food for all the people we have the pleasure of serving. We believe that the way food is handled really does make a difference from the dirt, to the seeds, to the water, to the plant, to the kitchen table and our promise is to show this food nothing but love. We believe that when whole foods, a healthy environment, and intentional people come together magic happens individuals heal, awareness deepens, and the world transforms.

Want to help? All donations enable the expansion of our mission and can be made through our website – Donate to Elohee.

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