Some days I wake up in the morning and can’t believe that this is really happening!  And Tuesday, April 1st was one of those mornings.  Full of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness (on my part) Michael and I headed down bright and early to Bean Creek road to meet the first of three 53′ semi-trucks that were delivering our much awaited Mandala Hall!

Mandala Hall, as we’ve named it, is a Deltec building.  It will be the main meeting, gathering, yoga, dance, etc. space for the Elohee Center.  Round, spacious, with lots of windows and expansive views were just what we were looking for atop Bald Mountain!

I say I was nervous because I had no concept of how not only were the trucks going to make it on the dirt road bordering our property, but how we were going to get the contents of these trucks on our even smaller dirt drives and up the mountain to the building site?!!  Fortunately our team here did a great job of calming my nerves assuring me that anything is possible!!

There’s nothing like a great team of guys with experience, know-how and machines to make this endeavor quite the event!!  Our neighbors were so understanding and didn’t get mad about all of this going on in their yard.  And of course I played a crucial part by way of cheering, watering, fooding and overall making the guys feel like studs for pulling this off.  🙂

It took two very full and long days, but we did it!

Stay tuned for the “barn raising”, beginning next week!!